@gaperst The Brexit process is being boycotted, this is indicative of the anti-democratic essence of the EU and other neoliberist institutions


I don't understand why these GNOME guys needed to make this. Why not actually reach out to the developers of the distros that ship custom stylesheets rather than complain to everyone else?

@tbernard maybe this is true for GTK. Qt/KDE applications had support for system color schemes for many years, every possible color scheme just works with every application I have ever seen...

@tbernard @vk @alexl

> Optionally supporting the dark stylesheet is work. You need to QA it, fix e.g. legibility bugs, add a preference in the app, etc.

This shouldn't be the case, what's the point of using a toolkit like GTK if it doesn't care of things like dark mode? On Qt/KDE apps you can set system color schemes, making all the app having the same colors (dark or not) ...

@vk @tbernard I don't really know, sorry. I prefer Qt apps also because of system color schemes. I suppose on GNOME the accessibility features like high contrast are implemented in a different way

@vk @tbernard AFAIK each app have to provide those functionalities, in GNOME what the platform does is providing a global setting to switch all the apps to their dark mode, but the system is not supposed to overwrite the stylesheet of each app. Only the app developers can for their own apps

@tbernard a third party app developer shouldn't use GTK in the first place.Instead of deploying a dedicated site to complain one can just develop his apps using Qt, that supports themes, it's an industry standard, it's crossplatform (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS etc etc) and its developement isn't chained to a particolar use case (GTK is developed FOR GNOME ecosystem, GNOME Shell and GNOME apps). With respect for developers of GTK toolkit, it is designed for a certain use.

- [email protected] upload a video
- fediverse.tv share the video files on IPFS
- [email protected] shares/boosts Bob's video
- mytube.tv downloads and seeds Bob's video using IPFS
-> each new instance that want to download those video files from IPFS will download them faster because the nodes that seed them increase

@dansup This approach has proven to be ruinous, because average person doesn't want to care of finding a reliable client

@shellkr AOSP is still better than Sailfish OS, Huawei probably will release a custom version of Android based on AOSP. Or do you really think Huawei could use Sailfish OS that has proprietary UI and runs Android apps with a proprietary layer when there is AOSP available?

@mariusor He is also the only journalist who protested for Assange and free press months ago, spending New Year's Eve in front of the embassy. He also went to The Guardian with his sign, the TG journalists supported him and then the TG executive banned its journalists from approaching him.

He is the greatest journalist in the world, even greater than Assange, because he brought MMT in Italy and if we have an hope to be the country that will change the world it's thanks to him.

@mariusor exalted journalist? You have no idea of who he is. Just to mention one thing, he is the journalist who attacked Henry Kissinger when he shook hands with Nelson Mandela when he was released from prison, guessing the media operation to say that the Apartheid was over when it was not. Do you understand what such a thing means?

@mariusor BTW the ones mentioned as "false" are not opinions, are facts that can be checked by everyone as I personally did in the past. So mine it's just hate against the attitude of not checking the original sources.

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