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Se vuoi scoprire che cosa cambierà vai a questo indirizzo
Https:// alle ore 14.00 domenica 25.

Ti aspettiamo!

10 YEARS AGO #WikiLeaks published the "Gitmo Files", detailing inhumane torture and incredible incompetence brutally/illegally crushing hundreds of peoples' lives (many of them were known to be innocent).

How many of them still tortured by the US today?

The torturers?
None were charged.

#Assange, the publisher?
Charged with "conspiracy for espionnage" with C. Manning, 2y+ in "the British Guantanamo", still facing US extradition and up to 175y in another #Guantanamo.

YouTube censors millions of videos every month.

They just hosted a Freedom of Expression event to give themselves an award for free expression.

I have no words.


I for one don't want “public security”. I want clear rights and duties and a fair & efficient legal system that understands that protecting fundamental rights ≠ protecting states at all costs, much less providing them with impunity.

So WordPress will be automatically blocking google's browser tracking from version 5.8

Assuming people are good about updating, that will be a huge chunk of websites blocking it.

Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has written a book about the prosecution of Julian #Assange ... because all the avenues at his disposal didn't have the effect it should have had.

h/t @raucao for 2 toots I already boosted, but I highly recommend reading the whole interview Nils gave at

"in the background the structures of tyranny are already being built up, and they are already advanced."

There's more then just these 3 quotes. Read the whole thing.

> Let us be clear, there is absolutely no legal basis to keep Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison and there never was. Even for a bail violation, you don’t keep someone in Belmarsh. But now for more than 18 months he has finished that sentence for bail violation and there is no legal basis for keeping him there, because preventive detention must be used as a last resort, if there are no other, less intrusive means to prevent his escape, such as house arrest.

> When Navalny came to Germany, we didn’t say he was violating his bail, and when he flew back voluntarily to Russia and was arrested and sentenced for bail violation, everybody immediately screamed “foul” and imposed sanctions against Russia. But then I thought: Hold on, you have your own guy whom you sanctioned for bail violations, and he has finished his sentence more than a year ago, and he is still in prison without any legal basis. When I see the hypocrisy of the West I am speechless.

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There's now a WordPress proposal to treat Google FL*C as a security concern. WordPress powers 41% of the web and this move could help get rid of FL*C! 👀🤞

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As #GoogleIsEvil, G👀gle does evil things. This time they want every website, to OPT OUT of their spyware by setting a specific HTTP header.

So some people are (thinking of) sending patches to all the webserver software maintainers and urging every FUCKING SITE on the internet to apply that HTTP header.

Are you fucking INSANE?

How about creating a new HTTP status/error code:
"666: Fuck off G👀gle"

and return that to every user using #Google Chrome

Adapting the internet to G👀gle's whims 🤦

Finally a full-featured FOSS keyboard for Android:

- Swipe on scrollbar to move the cursor
- Swipe on delete button to select text
- Select all, cut, copy, paste and move cursor buttons
- Integrated clipboard (history) that sync with the system one
- Cancel and repeat buttons
- Swipe to type
- One hand mode
- Emoji

Now it just need buttons for custom text to quickly type personal email addresses, phone numbers or particular unicode and it will be perfect!

they want an fsf and a gnu project that can be more easily infiltrated and repurposed by determined opponents. they're thinking of their own wishes to take over, but not of the powerful enemies who'll come in through the hole they're poking. why would anyone who cares about software freedom want that?

Gitter is now bridged natively to Matrix! As such we will soon retire the previous bridge in favour of the new. Learn more at

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