I feel like a dumbass now. There was this song called 無終祭, pronounced 'owaranu matsuri', and I couldn't understand why because I had misunderstood it as 'owanaru matsuri'.

If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

...what if we had a day on the fediverse where we call everyone "she"?

Binged the first three episodes of westworld today

I've just noticed Cosmos Laundromat didn't make it into an actual film project... the Blender Cloud page is gone :crying:

gopass has just passed 2000 stars on GitHub! It deserves even more than that if you ask me.

If you're still looking for an awesome password manager (or not using one at all!) with GPG & git support: github.com/gopasspw/gopass

Disclaimer: I contribute to the project and my views may be absolutely biased 😉

The European Court of Human Rights today declared the UK's mass
surveillance laws violate human rights. Congratulations to everyone who
worked to have this case heard.

To the author of Black Torch:

One cannot serve two masters. You can't serve both feminism and fan-service.

In the plate before me lie the charred remains of what once were lentils. It tastes pretty good.

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