Btw, anyone watched Dies Irae here? I'm at episode 9 and it's one of the best fucking anime I've ever seen

>be me
>hear about citrus
>watch first episode

well that escalated quickly

@algorev when will people understand that muscular women are attractive as fuck

"A specialized form of seppuku in feudal times was known as kanshi (諫死, "remonstration death/death of understanding"), in which a retainer would commit suicide in protest of a lord's decision. The retainer would make one deep, horizontal cut into his abdomen, then quickly bandage the wound. After this, the person would then appear before his lord, give a speech in which he announced the protest of the lord's action, then reveal his mortal wound."

Geez, the japanese were hardcore.

People who complain about the length and complexity of german words haven't seen anything indian yet

>VR game called "Cute Girls"
>It's just VR scene where anime big-titty girls dancing
>They have the most abysmal uncanny valley faces
>"Cute Girls"

That's fucking it. Allowing everybody on steam uncurated was a fucking mistake.

> reads misskey source code
> /* なぜか動かない

なぜ indeed

Krankenpfleger is the most german word in existence fight me

>sees the expression "animal husbandry"
>looks it up
Ah ok I was scared for a moment fediverse



Learn 3 writing systems and 2 number systems, I love japanese

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