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People have trouble remembering when I tell them how to pronounce どういたしまして. I wonder why.

> be me
> make server literally with the goal of making it easy and cheap to host, because i think it empowers people to host their own infrastructure
> 1 year later
> "hey Pleroma could be pretty good for people without many resources, even if the devs are all horrible people"

Would anyone recommend Fallen London to me?

The difference between jumping from the 20th story and the 2nd story of a building:

*20th story*
> AAAAAAAAAAAA.... puufff..

*2nd story*

The outside looks like the world of rain world during a storm right now.

Me, as a pirate: The real treasure is the friends we made along the way.
My shipmates: Is that why you're burying us alive?
Me: It's among the reasons, yes.

Bonjour le Fediverse ! Aujourd'hui c'est mon dernier examen oral

New Friend: "I also love reading! I've been reading lots recently! I just fished A Song of Ice and Fire, what kinda stuff do you read?"


bitbucket joined the party :smugsiptea: @marisa It's getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!

I keep this single-line change open in a pinned tab on my work PC as a monument to all my sins

and occasionally I tab past it and I smile

Thanks to MS buying Github I don't have to pray anymore that Oracle buys Github.

Because admit it, if Oracle bought Github we would not be having a minor evacuation towards gitlab, we'd be hammering the abort button while setting github on fire.

I CONSENT TO NOTHING YOU PLEBIANS *continues to apply cosmetic blocks to retarded popups*

"There is a case on record of Confucius himself having violated an extorted oath, [72] and also of his having left the Sung State in disguise. [73] Can we then recklessly arraign Sun Tzu for disregarding truth and honesty?"