Please Boost me. I need to reach the top shelf!

Remember when people used to care about Telegram's source code? :blobcatsip:

Australia is not a place, it's a people. If you shitpost then you're already an Aussie.

peter parker has a let's play channel full of Minecraft LPs he made when he was 13 and he's more afraid of anyone discovering those than he is of anyone discovering he's spider-man

Sudden thought: what would japanese pasteis de nata taste like?

Thanks, touji no miko, always asking the right questions.

Btw, anyone watched Dies Irae here? I'm at episode 9 and it's one of the best fucking anime I've ever seen

>be me
>hear about citrus
>watch first episode

well that escalated quickly

@algorev when will people understand that muscular women are attractive as fuck

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