I can't even remember how many years old I was when this book [email protected]&*^D ME COMPLETELY UP RIGHT IN THE HEAD

but it was single digits

man, Brad Steiger plus David Spangler plus Betty Brock

I might be lucky not to get my face melted clean off with that combination

page 24 and the bad stuff hasn't even cut in and yet the quiet, Terminator-like sense of mounting dread omg

page 29: OKAY THERE IT IS i'm gonna just stop reading right here until I'm in a safe space

No Flying in the House 

oh no

no no no

Annabel Tippens, DO NOT TRUST THAT CAT and/or ancient cosmic force of evil

No Flying in the House 



No Flying in the House 

@natecull thank you i gotta read it now

No Flying in the House 

@algorev you definitely gotta!

No Flying in the House 

@natecull @algorev I've read it, now. It was really good.

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