rant; gender equality 

friend: 'well, i'm not THAT kind of person, but men really only want gender equality when it suits them. think about how they want paternal leave when we've not achieved salary equality!'

me: 'what about legal recognition of male rape?'

friend: 'well, that's not an important issue.'


rant; gender equality 

@algorev to be clear, I know thus is the kind of things an incel would say, but I'm no incel. I'm a feminist myself, but DAMN does this shit anger me. Because you have a movement behind your back is NOT a reason to dismiss others' issues, NOR to generalize over the opposite gender.


rant; gender equality 

@algorev @algorev and this generalization manages to be EVEN MORE annoying than the rest, even when, ESPECIALLY when they say 'but I don't count you!' afterwards. I'm supposed to feel happy about that? What kind of men are there? these men, yon men and those men? Is that how it works? You are associating A VERY PART OF MY IDENTITY to a handful of DISGUSTING people. And then you're always the one to come back to complain about the same being done to you.

rant; gender equality 

@algorev @algorev best example I heard was 'men only see women as sluts!'

…Do you even realize what you've just done?

rant; gender equality 

@algorev @algorev i think 'rant; feminazi discourse' would have been a better cw for this. Oh well.

Just keep in mind that I'm not attacking feminists or women in general. I'm just venting about those few unbearable types who won't stop shouting about gender equality while disrespecting anyone they don't see as directly on their side.

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