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"At that moment, the monk became enlightened" is like the buddhist koan version of "and then everyone started clapping"

tfw one of my classmates, when asked about who their favorite actor was, unironically answered: 'Mia Khalifa.'


*raises finger*

This sh9uld 6e av9ided at all c9sts, as this may intr9duce a6leist slurs and 9ther imprescripti6le s9rts 9f disc9urse in t99ts and the fediverse in general.

@tom @halcy what language is this? It looks like german, but I can't understand anything

No Flying in the House 

@natecull that sounds like the plot of PMMM.

No Flying in the House 

@natecull thank you i gotta read it now

Global pol 

@lunarised that discourages you going home for the night? What's the story?

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