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Krankenpfleger is the most german word in existence fight me

>sees the expression "animal husbandry"
>looks it up
Ah ok I was scared for a moment fediverse



Learn 3 writing systems and 2 number systems, I love japanese

They had display, glass and speakers issue ever since they commissioned the Nexus 6P to Huawei and then cheaped out on literally everything relying on HTC, a company that was declaring bankruptcy.

This is what you get for shit hardware. Software can't fix that, Google. No Neural Network chip can fix shit hardware.

@sampo ozen from made in abyss somehow reminds me of your profile picture

j'capte pas comment Riot peut réussir à envoyer une miniature d'une image pour qu'elle s'affiche correctement --'

I watched "we're the millers" the other day, and I'm surprised. It was actually good.

People can say what they want, but the anthem of the DDR is the most beautiful I've heard yet

So in order for me to stop making blunders all the time, can someone explain to me what the fuck gender is


Vous pensez que c'est quoi qui sonne le mieux?

1. OwO c'est quoi


2. OwO qu'est-ce que c'est

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