pioneer Charlie Shrem joins as a Strategic Advisor and Mentor

Charlie’s penchant for projects that aim to give back to users by solving a problem that exists in services people use everyday aligns nicely within Particl’s vision:

Particl Core Public Testnet LIVE!

We are very excited to offer the first public glimpse of the Particl network on our TESTNET 1. Enhancements to Bitcoin Core 0.14:

– Confidential Transactions
– Decentralized Voting
– Donation Addresses

Federating social networks is a nice step. Do you know what's even bigger step further? Decentralizing .

You may have heard that cryptocurrencies like are used solely for nefarious purposes. That's just to demonize Bitcoin – don't be scared; discover it yourselves! When you do, you'll be surprised how outdated our current monetary system is.

Embrace the and the community Bitcoin (and others) has!

Need help? Toot me, I'll be glad to help!


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