ChainRift is a new on the block, focusing on clutter-free UI, simple & fast trades. I really like it so far, let's bring some volume there (not only) for @particl

Extra feature: for basic accounts (up to 2 BTC/day)

updated to 2.8 thanks to all community contributors!

Sorry it took so long. I'm deep in @particl now :)

pioneer Charlie Shrem joins as a Strategic Advisor and Mentor

Charlie’s penchant for projects that aim to give back to users by solving a problem that exists in services people use everyday aligns nicely within Particl’s vision:

I can't describe how lucky I feel to be able to work full-time on an & project.

Thanks much to project! Few weeks in and it's been a ride already. Stay tuned for the upcoming release!

Particl Core Public Testnet LIVE!

We are very excited to offer the first public glimpse of the Particl network on our TESTNET 1. Enhancements to Bitcoin Core 0.14:

– Confidential Transactions
– Decentralized Voting
– Donation Addresses


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