When money isn't real – the $10,000 experiment:

Adam Carroll's approach to teaching his kids about by playing Monopoly with real . Also about the problems of money abstraction and how it destroys today's youth.

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Imagine you could go online shopping like this 😎

- Smaller prices πŸ›
- Fraud & data protection πŸ”
- Buy and sell anything without leaving a trace πŸ‘€
- Pay no fee πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ
- Earn passive income πŸ’Έ

Shop online the smart way & get started with Particl now!


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Great piece today on Hackernoon πŸ’»

"(Particl) is taking the best parts of the Bitcoin network and adding them to a scalable and privacy focused network that allows developers to create powerful dApps. Think along the lines of a network that is the product of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero all rolled into one."

#Particl = #Bitcoin + #Ethereum + #Monero


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#RingCT & #Bulletproofs are now available for everyone on the #Bitcoin codebase with Particl! πŸ”₯

Get every bit of info you need regarding today's mainnet #hardfork and learn the best #privacy practices by clicking the link below.

πŸ‘‰ particl.news/ringct-bulletproo

#PrivacyCoin #BUIDL

@admin don't mind the haters, they are everywhere. I completely agree and support your approach – why to decide *for* users what they should and shouldn't see, when they have all the tools to control it themselves?

You're standing up for the right values, whoever doesn't like this can easily switch instances. We stand with you!

(And no, neither I support hate speech just because you have freedom of speech..)

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Cool Cactus-Tetris setup with cinder blocks!

That would be it. Now I just need to own some place where I could emerge this..

Still one of my most favourite talks from :

Bio-hacking: Overcoming programmed ideologies by Amin Rafiee - youtube.com/watch?v=bQZcyKtkAe

Dilemma: /e/ @e_mydata or for my OnePlus 5?

I'm currently rocking debloated OxygenOS via xXx NoLimits ROM.

I've heard some people are unable to install some banking apps on /e/ etc. – is that a big issue on /e/?

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@[email protected] Oh geez, I sure hope this has nothing to do with their FB coin ..

@samvtran Right?! I had the same aha moment (also with AMD CPU & GPU).

I originally went with AMD for their policy towards open source, thinking "yeah, the performance would be meh, but at least I'll feel good". Oh how my mind was blown!

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At /e/ we had lots of discussion about Telegram vs Signal vs ... But I must say that the best IM secured service in my opinion is @delta

Delta Chat is using emails to transport instant messages: it's fully decentralized, heavily encrypted and you can reach any contact πŸ˜€

That's a great design.

@SolusProject Nice! May I ask what's the name of the GTK theme you use? Looks lovely!

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How PayPal’s New Refund Policy Is Killing Small Businesses
β†’ particl.news/how-paypals-new-r

What has #PayPal done to stir the ire of small #business owners the world over who depend on their service to process payments?

How to Live Without Google and Other Evil Tech Giants – impressive collection of resources for all trying to break ties to the big tech:

@dansup a year already? Wow, time flies!

Kudos on keeping up with the project, seriously. I know I find it difficult with mine :)

"[..] a good monetary system should be robust to changes in political moods. A cashless monetary system is less resistant to both the tyranny of the majority and shifts towards authoritarianism."


I loudly applaud the rise of projects that make self-hosting apps & services easy!

– freedombox.org (found out today about this one)
– yunohost.org
– sandstorm.io
– know about others? share!

Self-hosting is made more accessible day by day, even for non-techies. Decentralize!

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