The Grandfather of every German Sport Sedan. The 300 SEL 6.3 - a sweet article about my car's Grandad by Petrolicious

I currently own a 2013 C63 AMG with a 6.2L V8 M156 engine in it. Ok so, it's missing .1 litre but it's a hommage to the original 6.3L 300 SEL. Unfortunately, the new 63 AMG cars are now 4.0L twin turbo V8. So.. all that said, my car has the last of the naturally aspirated V8 Mercedes made. I intend to keep it.

Campus vending machines offer emergency contraception without the stigma

All this does is promote fucking about irresponsibly whilst everyone's got a STD to spread and get pregnant before they graduate.

People somehow think that because one drives a capable fast car (a GT2 RS in this case) that driving the speed limit is unacceptable to people and they get bullied into driving faster.

More days like this, please. I can go MONTHS not making a sale because I’m never home or reluctance on my part. Mostly the latter. 😑

Apparently, I do my best purchases and sales in a Parisian cafe. I’ve just bought a set of Porsche Speedline wheels for the 993 but I’ve also just sold it and made a profit. Turnover time is approximately one hour.

The friend next to me orders cappuccino when he’s in 🇫🇷 and a French pressed coffee when he’s in 🇮🇹. He does this on purpose.

I do remember last year, he asked for a French pressed coffee in fancy Villa d’Este in Como and got a death stare from the server.

I sold one of my cars today and I cried like a little girl. Then I sat in a coffee shop and bought another one exactly like it but a year older.

Story of my life.

Tesla has created a "Dog Mode". If you're a Tesla owner and dog lover, if you leave the car and switch climate control to "dog", the cabin will remain cool so your furry friend can remain cool.


Back in Paris where I'm surrounded by nocturnal creatures called friends. Vampires, really and sleeping is optional.

I didn't realise how massive the OnePlus 6T is that I've had to use my index finger to tap above the reach of my thumbs.

It is also lightning fast which I like very much. The fingerprint sensor is a bit laggy but face recognition is almost instant.

I've just realised what today is. Clearly, it doesn't mean much to me.

My turn to ask. OnePlus 6T should be in my possession this Friday. Any idea what Android Mastodon app I should be using?

And this goes on at wee hours of the day when the clients are asleep and the crew are having fun.

Sliding about in the snow.
I kind of love my job. :)

In other news, my new OnePlus 6T is arriving tomorrow where I won’t be. 😑

I work in a predominantly male environment in the automotive industry and not once have I felt like I don’t belong. I have never felt disrespected, harassed or assaulted. I don’t think it’s luck given all the news of women who experience these terrible things - I must be doing something right.

Perhaps, in my line of work, I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by decent, well-mannered men.

I can’t decide if it’s too late or too early. I’ll go for late. What a car to drive around in the snow.

Gave the Siberian dogs a rest and moved on the German “pork” as we car enthusiasts like to call. Also marks the beginning of my job.

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