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Potential Christmas present to a few guys I know. I’m also one of those guys I know.

Today, I’m going to eat two lunches because two people wanted to have a meeting with me and I scheduled them both for lunch two hours apart. The two restaurants are only yards from each other. I am the queen of efficiency and hunger management.

About three months later.. a guy took the liberty to explain why he didn’t ask me out on a date again. Randomly. He said that I’m not feminine enough and that I clean up well though.

He must have felt like he was on a date with his cross dressing male bestie.

I’ve been asked to babysit on Friday evening. An actual toddler. My godson. I’m fucking. terrified.

The owner’s child must have made this. At least I know it’s edible.

I got suckered into the workshop early last night. Ordered pizza and a couple of lagers later, I organised shiny new car parts. And what time is it now? 3am? Is that too late or too early?

Ever ordered food and they gave you the wrong one but it’s actually better than what you ordered? Mine had truffle on it.

I've this obsession for organising car parts before reassembly. It's actually therapeutic. I learned It in my short-lived apprenticeship in Hamburg. It's like a ritual now.

I can’t wrap my head around being stressed without even knowing it. How the fuck.

I read all three Maze Runner books in my couch today. I think it’s going to start charging me rent.

We are all oxygen wasting, walking, talking organic pieces of disappointment.


I may have just encountered the dumbest intelligent person in the world. How is it that some intelligent people are masterful at ONE thing and utterly brainless in everything else.

I'd rather be mediocre at everything than be dumb at multiple things that are essential in life.

Lord almighty. I died happy. But I must live to tell.

I’m excited for this film.
Taika Waititi is a genius.

Update: I think I became more confused than when I started. I did learn some new bits of information.

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