@alx It would probably be a hybrid now, and weigh 2 tonnes.

Rather unfortunate but I'd much rather they get resurrected.

@alx It would be great. I think it's difficult for manufactueres now. The cars are practically regulated into such compromises, both by regulation and what sells.

In a way it's why I retreated to bikes. there's still a lot of that pure thrill factor in design and performance.

Agreed. I'm not particularly relying on the manufacturers at this point for their "reimagination" of the greats but to the car enthusiasts, collectors and specialised workshops to keep them alive.

Bikes are slowly moving in the direction cars are with all electric. But there will always be some of us that want to keep it pure and raw. 😊

@alx Yes, emission control regulations are already getting quite prohibitive. In a lot of places it's not enforced once the bike leaves the showroom, so you can always slap a lightweight full system on there...

@alx BTW I don't know if it's your thing but I loved this tour series going from Germany through to the Swiss alps.

Wonderful stuff on a gloomy winter's day!


This looks fun! When I was in University in Germany, I used to make that drive home to Switzerland through the Black Forest quite often but never in a motorbike. So many great mountain passes in the Alps.

@alx There's nothing like a bike on a good bit of road, but honestly for a long distance they are exceptioally hard work. I'm very much a day rider, about 2-300 miles max. Any more than that I'm too soft 😎

@alx Unfortunately FCA's "big thinking heads" don't consider Lancia as a premium brand anymore, just a stylish niche brand; I hope it won't end up like Autobianchi, from wich it acquired the Y10/Y/Ypsilon model. All their bets are on Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

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