my dessert tank warning light is lit like the petrol indicator on cars ... I have signs of abstinence

@ranx 😆 that’s very uncharacteristic of you, G. Have you missed a frozen dessert aisle appointment at coop?

@alx no, I just want to make them on my own, so that I know what's inside (no preservatives or products whose names sound like from deep space) 👽 P.S. I made 4 more crema catalana 😀

@alx aaand I'm thinking of making an apple pie when said cremas are finished 🥧 🙂

@ranx 4 crema catalanas are enough, don’t you think?

@alx it's only two though, the other two are for mom who always complains when I make something then she eats it faster than me and when I ask: how's it? she replies: edible 😒

@ranx It’s ok. I have a brother who says the same about my baking. He asks me to make it again the next day.

@alx how was your pasta btw? it looked like bucatini to me, it was thick pasta with a hole inside like a pipe?

@ranx it was bucatini. It was good. Although I think I’ve had better.

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