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@taoeffect @arteteco Here's a German documentary on Wikipedia from 2015. The title translates into "The Dark Side of Wikipedia"
This led to a sequel and now an ongoing series of videos, uncovering a whole network of high-profile editors using Wiki to push political propaganda and smear activists, journalists and politicians, especially in regard to Middle Eastern politics. Pretty radical stuff there

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Why Wikipedia is profoundly unreliable on controversial topics, especially those touching on corporate interests, foreign policy, or generally those where the 1% have a particular view to impose. A long read by Helen Buyniski


Andi boosted John Hancock (traditionsreiche Versicherung aus den USA) verkauft jetzt nur noch Lebensversicherungen mit Fitness-Tracker. Also der Kunde muss einen Fitness-Tracker tragen und die Daten der Versicherung zeigen.Oh Mann, was für eine Dystopie! Hätte uns doch nur jemand gewarnt!!1!

Chilling insights into the world of private military contractors in Iraq, from 2006. Iraq for Sale - The War Profiteers

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@Dryusdan @seasidestars @von Just realized I never boosted this. One month in the , and so many lovely people met already :)

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I just discovered this really nice band : and they just arrived on Mastodon so please welcome them warmly ^^ @seasidestars

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@Solobasssteve @Doctor_J_ I think you're absolutely on point. Calling this "a great day for Europe’s creators" - if being serious - really just shows how far detached from reality these people are.
Then again, consolidation of power and "strengthening the strong" has always been a primary objective of EU policy.

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Anyone got any links to a specifically music take on the negative impact of that horrible EU copyright directive? I very much appreciated @doctorow's writing for the EFF, but would be handy to get a music take...

"Nothing to Hide", an independent documentary dealing with surveillance and its acceptance by the general public through the "I have nothing to hide" argument.

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