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Researchers at King’s College London, Imperial College London and University of Leicester have found first UK evidence that adults exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution are more likely to experience mental disorders.

The Arctic Laptev Sea hasn’t frozen. The delayed freeze is the result of an unprecedented heatwave in Siberia in the first half of the year. The record high temperatures, in addition to fuelling an outbreak of Arctic wildfires that have burned an area the size of Greece, have warmed ocean waters by more than 5°C. #climatecrisis

Chomsky is being harmful by presenting Trump as the problem. If it wasn't Trump, it would be someone else. The real problem is the system that gave rise to Trump. Voting in Biden simply puts it back in the state that put Trump in power in the first place.

Socialism Isn’t a Threat to Your Personal Property. But Capitalism Is.

Why is New Zealand avoiding the populism, cranks and conspiracy theories that are enveloping the rest of the English-speaking world?

It has been discovered why the evangelical nutters are supporting #Trump: they believe the non-believer has been chosen by God to work miracles on Earth, triggered by their belief that Trump's assassination of Soleimani is a biblical prophecy.

I shit you not:

Work at Google. Work at Facebook. Work at Palantir. Heck, work at Phillip Morris or Exxon Mobil or Halliburton. But don’t you dare be proud of it. And don’t you dare tell me you’re working to bring about a better world for everyday people. Don’t you fucking even dare.

Wealth directly translates into power, and eliminating wealth inequality is a prerequisite for having a functional democracy.

1%, with income over $145,000, drove 15% of emissions; poorest 50% generated just 7% of emissions. We are about to unleash unimaginable suffering upon billions of people in the interest of of a few parasites. #climatecrisis

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Stoked Washington’s Fears About TikTok. Social-media tycoon emphasized threat from Chinese internet companies as he worked to fend off U.S. regulation of Facebook.

World fails to meet a single target to stop destruction of nature – UN report. We continue to rapidly destroy the very ecosystem that makes this planet habitable for us.

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