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Angel Princess CEO

@monorail it's more broken than ice rock told me it is fix it fix it fix it fix it

@drwho @Shufei @starbreaker @tinker @thegibson yep! or, more to the point about how computer jobs are going to disappear, consider Twitter and Facebook's gawdawful attempt to moderate themselves by "algorithm". the mere fact that it does not work hasn't slowed down the trend one bit, they just claim that some more magic will make it work properly eventually

Shit! Which exact shade of red is my favorite again??

#funny #ui #ux #design

being able to write a hello world in c without googling is how you know if you're The Average Programmer or not

i need an os that looks like a pokemon pc

"and i shall rule the downunderverse!" is one of the most underappreciated lines of all time

sorry but i'm pathologically incapable of not finding "fake madrid" jokes to be the funniest thing in the unviers

"wesnoth" is short for "The Bad Game Wesnoth"

there was a security crisis at stack overflow because they needed to reset their passwords, but when they were given their password questions they refused to answer them because "they weren't well formed questions". it was only solved when they realized that the answer to all the password questions were "closed for being a duplicate"

the free software community's anime-liking-teenage-boy side has informed me that bad design is good, actually, because it keeps out stupid normies who think it's unreasonable to need to read a manual to exit a program, a program that doesn't respond to normal ways of exiting, that gives explicit, incorrect instruction on how to exit that's proven objectively ineffective, and they think needing to learn to read a manual to quit is good. thank you

Assume that StackOverflow employees also answer questions...

"What are you looking for in your bank? Lets start with the app."

'A weird girl. Like, on the log in screen. With no explanation whatsoever. Ideally with the kind of expression where she doesn't know if she's about barf up or die in a B movie horror film. Also, with animated hair. And not quite at 'Homer Simpson's Makeup Shotgun' level makeup, but, like 3/4s raccoon and a splash of panda for the eyes? That'd be perfect. First impressions matter y'know.'

- UX designer for KBC bank app, 2018

Why is it that so many news sites get positively moist over the idea of self driving cars and AI, but will never, EVER acknowledge that basically it is all just an extension of the Hot Or Not rating site trend.

All of it.

It was and is really just wrangling the lowest common denominator of minimum human attention on as big a scale as possible.

"Yeah I like her boobs. No I think he looks creepy. Yeah that looks like a stop sign."
^ This is primordial soup that an AI is going to crawl out from.

this is genuinely my entire argument about how free software is badly designed

fucked up that people keep reinventing stuff and building tons of ways of doing the same thing because people don't want to use lots of small apps to do one task since operating systems aren't actually particularly good at it, and we dont have that douglas adams "you can drag any icon from any toolbar into any other program" thing yet, and the best way we have of making programs work with each other is pumping text between them like its 50 years ago. fucked up if true. which it is true. its fuck

@shmibs @angel good UX ≠ less power. Sublime became popular cause it introduced multi-cursors and now Kakoune is taking that concept and merging that with some of Vi's concepts:

That is already miles more approachable and yet still as powerful as vim

@angel boom
nail on the head
it’s the culture. I wonder which open source community went the other direction and embraced proper UX 🤔