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Stanislas 👨‍💻

Whereas I still have to learn a lot in programming :blobthumbsup:

because I'm learning 100x more by myself and at work in a devops/cloud company than at school where I will learn Widnows server, vmware and cisco :blobsneezing:

tbh this is why I will do software engineering (or the equivalent) at school and not sys/netadmin even though this my current job

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AdMiNs CaN rEaD uR dMs

Yeah and on twitter, fb and google they can and do and then sell your data to advertisers to target ads to you, idk what you're worried about here tbth

Foreign keys in PostgreSQL are often shortened as "fk" in code and yeah, that's exactly how I mentally pronounce them

This is breaking my brain :blobthump:

I understand what it does, but not how

tfw all the news articles are about mastodon and not the fediverse