Started watching the "Koi wa Ameagari no You ni" live action, not bad so far

The maintainer was so nice, I wish all the communities were like this. I learned a lot while making this PR!

I'm so happy πŸŽ‰πŸ™

You will be able to install snaps with Ansible 2.8!

Stop banning cute anime
\ (β€’β—‘β€’) /
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Oct 17 Update: We have decided to tag the release tomorrow as version 1.0.0-beta.

Tomorrows release will include:
- Partial Federation Support*
- Updated admin/user tools
- Video support
- New compose UI
- Bug fixes

* - It may launch without the ability to follow a remote user from pixelfed, the search logic need to be updated for that and will be released in a day or two after.

elementary OS 5 Juno is here. It’s more refined, more productive, and an even better platform for developers. We've majorly updated apps, made the desktop more productive with several new features, refined the overall look and feel, and a whole lot more.

KDE Plasma 5.14 video review: "Plasma 5.14 [comes with] plenty of enhancements to make the experience smoother, more polished and more featureful... as if it were needed!" according to The Linux Experiment.

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