@angristan I've yet to do any significant crashing
unlike gnome which crashed roughly every 10 minutes last I tried it
@angristan what I'm curious about is how there aren't more people complaining
I do realize this doesn't affect everyone
but when I use gnome, that is
having only firefox open, gnome will crash frequently, across multiple distros, across multiple cpu manufacturers, and across multiple graphics cards / drivers / manufacturers.

how is it that me, after testing on 2 generations of intel cpu's with intel integrated graphics, 2 generations of AMD cpu's with amd gpu's, using fedora, opensuse and ubuntu on all of them, made GNOME crash frequently without installing any extensions, yet some people seem to not have it crash?
Seems absurd to me.

@ivesen indeed that does not make sense besides insane bad luck

@angristan when I think about it I also tested on a 3rd intel cpu paired with nvidia gpu (using foss driver)
only tested fedora on that one iirc but it started crashing after not terribly long there as well :/
@angristan they supposedly fixed most of them after an update at the beginning of may, but I haven't used gnome shell for a while now, for obvious reasons so I can't say for sure.
cinnamon which at least before was less crashy before in my experience still struggles when handling my every day activities though.
@ivesen @angristan I'm fine on GNOME for few years 🤔 but hell yeah it love eating my RAM lately.

@ivesen @angristan
I've used GNOME for quite some time & it has never crashed on me (even on my relatively slow laptop).

Of course I'm no fan of it. I prefer other, lighter environments, but since I find GNOME a lot more user-friendly, I use it on any computer I happen to share with other people because they like it.👍

Also I must admit, GNOME is definitely an improvement over Unity. I suppose that's subjective, but I don't think Unity was a good idea to begin with.

@angristan The server release seems great, but Gnome being anything but bad is #fakenews the likes of CNN or Foxnews could ever attain.

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