TL;DR, don't let your Company rely on Google. This is dumb.

"TIFU by getting Google to ban our entire company while on the toilet"

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@angristan oh wow.

Well. I am no fan of Google, as probably everyone here already knows, but how about...

- tl;dr don't abuse the policies of services you rely on;
- tl;dr don't do stupid shit while using your corporate account.

I mean... Uhm...

@rysiek @angristan I don't understand why this person isn't already fired. But it's still a good reason not to rely on Google for your business. Or personal stuff. Or anything, really. If you don't own your domain, you don't own your email address.

@seanl @rysiek @angristan emails of company has to run on your own domain name AND definitely should run ona server inside the companies building. IMHO this is a must. You donΒ΄t want others to read/scan/analyse your full companies email stuff. Allsensitivedata must be under full control of hardware and software. Running an email server is not that hard, so there is no excuse.

@seanl @rysiek @angristan
there's no such thing as owning a domain. You can only rent a domain, never own it.

@rysiek but even the *personal* accounts associated with them are banned u_u

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