i'm fucking SICK of windows

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@angristan How long until you shell out the cash for a mac?

I've been following this frustration from linux => windows => ??

I figure you'll come full circle by this time next year and just run Linux because while it sucks, at least you didn't have to pay for it.

take it from this Canadian comedy troupe, they wrote a song about it back in 2001

@chuck @angristan
Don't buy a macbook. Buy a ThinkPad and install GNU/Linux on it.

@angristan Try Linux. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are both good. You can boot from a CD or USB if you just want to try them out.

@geopsychic @angristan I've been following the pain train from Ubuntu to Mint to Gentoo, and it makes me sad that Gentoo is probably the best thing I'm gonna get.
@angristan @geopsychic
don't buy a thinkpad.

buy a thinkpad x200 and install libreboot on it, then install gnu/linux
@thanatos @angristan @geopsychic don't install gnu/linux. Install Slackware® Linux for good times!
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