Public toots are public content on the internet. You should have no expectations at all on how *public* content will be used by third-parties.

Fediverse "data mining" is a non-problem and will not be solved my manually blocking accounts or instances...

@angristan while I see where you're coming from and agree with the second part, I'm not sure the first part should be that simple.

We might be better off if we acknowledged that human communication isn't so cut and dried, and that there should be norms around how different types of communication are treated, even if they're all technically public.

There's a difference between talking to a date at an outdoor cafe and making a speech at a park, even though both are technically public.

@angristan if you could reach privacy just use software that allows encryption. Anything else is only partially truth.

@angristan You can't solve a societal problem with a technological solution.

But you can definitely use technology to cause societal problems. Sometimes the only solution to that is to do it back to them even harder.

@angristan wait is this in response to something? sorry I've been traveling and therefore out of the fedi meta loop

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