This dude just copied my post here

https://dev. to/mrahmadawais/onedevminute-fixing-terrible-blurry-font-rendering-issue-in-macos-mojave--lck and https://ahmadawais. com/fix-macos-mojave-font-rendering-issue/.

Here even copied the screenshot and didn't credit, even though my blog is under a CC license.

Fuck you + reported

And I noticed my post has not been indexed my Google yet so he's first and getting all the clicks.

Fuck you^2

The dude is even more of an asshole that I thought. But it's too long to explain here. handled this pretty poorly too. whateveeeeer

if we take the derivative of "fuck you^2", we can find out that the fuck yous are accelerating at a rate of 2 fuck yous per second

this guy must really suck

@angristan, surely it's right to report him, but in general you better take it easy. Think positive: when someone copies you, it means that you are good enough to be copied. If you really care about not being copied, then you have to do pro stuff, such as writing only for large websites or sending your texts to search engines before publishing

@angristan Well... That sucks. He should have noticed that your blog is under a CC license --'

@angristan BTW no need to reboot. Logout is sufficient.

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