9 years ago, I signed up for Facebook. I was still 10 at the time!

However, month after month, year after year, I have been using Facebook less and less.
It became one of the worst thing humanity ever created.

Fuck you Facebook, and goodbye.

The people that really matter can contact me through other services. I had no excuse to keep my account

Heh, it's been a month, rip dear Facebook account

@angristan You have done well, here by you have become master in being human.

@angristan "It became" seems better :)
I would have said "It **was** one of the worst thing.. " actually 😁

Congrats on 🎉 Facebook deletion ! 🎉
We should make badges or medals like in video games for each "privacy success" on Internet

@angristan "it became" is the past tense and "it has become" is the perfect tense, and in this case they're the same

Bravo ! Même si bon, cela à été plutôt facilebpour ta part, je crois avoir créé trois ou quatres comptes facebook en tout que j'ai du supprimer. Le premier n'était qu'un compte de 10 ans aussi, mais les autres n'était que juste à cause du reste de mon entourage me fesant pression. J'ai depuis tout supprimé.

@angristan You are lucky, I cannot even delete it. I registered an account a few years ago and mostly unused. I recently did a password reset, then my account was immediately locked due to suspicious activities (ofc for Facebook, to them: someone suddenly attempted to log into it after a password reset) Then it forces me to authenticate myself via a phone number, but I don't own that phone number anymore, and the FB account becomes a zombie forever.

@niconiconi @angristan A similar thing happened to me. I deleted my main account, but I had kept an alt account for contacting someone I know. I tried logging in one day and they made me verify my account in the stupidest way.

They wanted to send one of my friends a text message with a code. That friend would then have to tell me the code. Only problem is that none of my FB friends I know in real life. FB is the only way I can contact them. Stupidest verification method I've ever heard of.

@angristan You made the right choice. I put off deleting my account for a long time. I loved using FB, but I didn't support their practices. I lost most of my FB friends (I can only contact them via FB), but it was the right decision. I don't regret it one bit.

@angristan i tried many times to delete an account I created (for testing purposes) and #Facebook always retrieves the content ...

@angristan 5 ans que mon compte est fermé, jamais ça ne m'a manqué :D

@Sangfroid Moi ça fait environ un mois et je me demande si mon compte a enfin été supprimé officiellement. J'en doute... @angristan

@manu @angristan Alors ne tente pas tout de suite de t'y connecter au risque de le réactiver ;)

@Sangfroid Ho que non, surtout pas! Je le disais depuis deux ans que j'allais le supprimer, je ne reviendrai pas en arrière! @angristan

@angristan How did you sign up for Facebook at age 10? that is against the rules.


I agree this point of view

When you ignore the FOMO you finally feel the freedom to be outside of Facebook things

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