9 years ago, I signed up for Facebook. I was still 10 at the time!

However, month after month, year after year, I have been using Facebook less and less.
It became one of the worst thing humanity ever created.

Fuck you Facebook, and goodbye.


It became -> It has become?

@angristan "It became" seems better :)
I would have said "It **was** one of the worst thing.. " actually 😁

Congrats on 🎉 Facebook deletion ! 🎉
We should make badges or medals like in video games for each "privacy success" on Internet

@angristan "it became" is the past tense and "it has become" is the perfect tense, and in this case they're the same

@angristan Yeah, it has become sounds better. "It became" is slightly more final, "it has become" implies that it was more continuous and that it is still going on but has already happened. "It is becoming" would imply that it hasn't quite happened yet.

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