New year, new GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified Enterprise offering

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@angristan they're trying to make people happy after some of their users migrated to GitLab

@xinayder @angristan

Or just return the departed users to Bitbucket. I don't think Gitlab was ever a threat to Microsoft with the GitHub takeover, but Altassian ...

@kappie @angristan the way I see it is keeping up with the competition, as GitLab had free, private repos for a while and iirc no contributor limit on them.

Since the M$ takeover, it's quite unfortunate that with news like this, what I see is: "Data mine is open again! We can now also get a hold of more of your private stuff."

Feels really nice to be moving away from GitHub step by step.

@angristan Microsoft wants more of your data. Even the proprietary now. I'm expecting them to release a new AI product that writes code or fixes bugs or something like that in about a year or two

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