It took a bit of work and it's longer than I expected, but here's my tutorial on how to setup your own VPN server with WireGuard:


@angristan @angristan Great post! Have you had any issues on networks where port 53 is redirected locally with this kind of setup?
@angristan okay! in any case, your article finally motivated me to migrate my openvpn setup to wireguard, so thanks!

Great article as usual!

I already have a server running, but without the Dualstack connectivity. Just fixed that 😎

@angristan hey you that you actually know stuff. could you make a tutorial on how to make a server that you connect via wireguard and the server routes everything through openvpn? cuz openvpn is heavy and crappy for android.

@angristan Nice post, probably going to set one up for myself. :)

Oh yeah, also, I like using this flag (saves some typing): systemctl enable --now <service>

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