@angristan Here is a cleaner one for actual use as wallpaper.

Proudly made with #GIMP, with the help of the #Gnome screencast tool for ripping a small clip of the video from yt, and the #Shotcut video editor to extract stills from that screencast.

Assets can be found here gitlab.com/ThibaultLemaire/tor

Letting off some steam 

I made this (previous toot) while I was in class.

Painting the layer mask (to remove the background behind Linus) was what took me the longest.

Some of my classmates behind me noticed what I was doing, and how long it was taking me.

So they pointed me to remove.bg/

I asked them if it was open-source, to which they answered with "What do you care if it's open-source? You just upload it and it removes the background, no need to struggle for hours."

Letting off some steam 

I'm used to this kind of response, but usually being software engineers themselves they can see the value in open-source, even thought they don't share my convictions about libre software.

In this particular case, it seemed to them there was no value at all in using free software.

As I felt the debate wouldn't be going anywhere, I didn't engage, and kept at my work without even visiting the site they suggested.

Letting off some steam 

Seeing I was ignoring their advice, they proceeded to using the site themselves and then taunt me with the result.

As that still visibly didn't change my mind, they went on about how awful GIMP was and how the same result could be achieved faster and more easily with photoshop or "even" paint.net.

Letting off some steam 

I could have argued that photoshop is not free (in either way), and that it didn't work well on Linux anyway, but I didn't.

I could have argued that GIMP was more powerful than paint.net, and not that much more difficult to use, but I didn't.

I could have researched this remove.bg site to find out that it only outputs to 625 × 400 in its free version, and that was far from sufficient for the HD wallpaper I was making, but I didn't.

Letting off some steam 

Instead, I just kept quiet.

I didn't do any of that because I already knew their answer to many of that: they simply don't care.

It's been my great failure in those 2 years I've spent with this class. I never was able to explain my opinions to them. All I ever get is incomprehension at best and outright mockery at worst.

So I felt like sharing this here, and asking you:

How do *you* cope with that?
What would you have done, or what do you do in similar situations?

@angristan @victorhck prometo ponerlo en los Win de la práctica final del curso xDDD

@angristan poking at my windows friends in 3, 2, 1....

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