@angristan oh dear. Haven't had good experiences with this company.

@ojbr @angristan
hmm... can you explain in 500 chars what F5 Networks is?

@Wolf480pl A NASDAQ company that specialises in enterprise grade network software, for OSI L4 traffic shaping, access control, and load balancing. Their products are usually consumed by other big corps who maintain huge, mainframe style DCs. The business' focus is generally around supporting those large contracts, in order to retain market value

@ojbr hmm... ok, so we risk getting an uncooperative upstream for nginx?

@Wolf480pl yeah probably. We'll probably will end up a fork, like MariaDB is to MySQL

@ojbr IIRC baidu had a fork of nginx which reimplemented lots of commercial NGINX Plus features, maybe that'd be a good starting point?

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