How I did (not) recover from a data loss (featuring ZFS, LXD and PostgreSQL)

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@angristan peut-être avoir un pool pour les données et un pour LXD? Perso j’ai eu un problème très similaire avec les data de prometheus corrompus sous LXD+btrfs
Utilises-tu LXD via snap? Le mécanisme de mise à jour fait souvent planter mes conteneurs...

To be able to recover a PostgreSQL cluster from disaster, use pgbarman. Easy to setup, no maintenance needed. Just perfect.

@angristan You could find out what rows the corrupted block was and get those rows from the last working dump, since they're non-critical they probably haven't changed.

@angristan Anything showing up in dmesg about hardware (sda3) errors? Seems more likely than a ZFS error.

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