Now thanks for shutting the fuck up about Telegram (or unfollow me)

@angristan I'm not 💯% active! I still have a bit more to work on but I missed being here and I just wasn't doing that well anyway :blobheartcat:

@angristan Funny, I couldn't create a secret chat with my union; the feature seems to be discontinued.

@angristan yeah, yeah, but before doing that - why not encrypt backup with user password? Isn't that what WhatsApp does? (I mean, both are shit security wise but still) The hell it matters where it's stored if no one can read it without a key?

@angristan also I *had* to install WhatsApp few days ago and no, backup is not enabled by default and I don't know many people who will go and dig into settings to enable it

@charlag @angristan WhatsApp backups are not encrypted with a password or otherwise

Why does he keep saying that Signal can't/doesn't backup chats? That is a complete fabrication. It makes very secure, on device backups several times per day. They are tricky to manage/restore, but I do it sometimes and it works fine.

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