@angristan why are you using GTK on macOS in the first place? πŸ™‚

@angristan ah.

No idea why you're getting the error, your example works for me. You could try debugging gtk_tree_model_foreach() to see what it really gets and why GTK_IS_TREE_MODEL() check fails.

@angristan well here you're clearly not initializing it, and of course NULL isn't a GtkTreeModel

@angristan that explains it, but in the piece of code that you've posted on Stack Overflow you are initializing it properly and not resetting it afterwards

@angristan you can debug that with a watchpoint to see when your variable gets set to NULL


@bugaevc actually I store my GtkListStore in a struct along with other things.

For some reason, when I click on a button that calls a specific function, some of the struct's DATA becomes NULL. But when I click on other buttons, the data is back. And they're called from the same place with the same params


(sorry the code is not very clean)

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@angristan notice how the address of global_struct that send_cart() receives differs from the address the two other callbacks receive; that explains why it seems to contain bogus data. Perhaps you're not connecting it to the signal properly? (it's not visible in your screenshots)

@angristan actually it might be that send_card() is missing a first argument of type GtkWidget or something, and the pointer you're getting as global_struct is actually a pointer to the widget

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