@angristan like two weeks after i buy two Raspberry Pi 3+

why does this always happen

@quad @angristan same. Even though it was like a month for me, but still.

Not sure if Wireguard performance would improve much with the new CPU & gigabit interface..

@felix @angristan I want to plug a hard drive into a raspberry Pi and use it as a backup location for my proxmox cluster. So the gigabit port and USB 3 definitely would've been useful for me
@felix @angristan Although only being able to push like 20-30 MB/s isn't really the end of the world when it's just automated backups, it's still a bummer

@quad @angristan That's unfortunate :/ I was planning on getting a small x86 server for some centralised logging & backup at home, but maybe the Pi4 is good enough for that. Gonna wait for some reviews and benchmarks.

@felix @angristan I've got a good home server setup in the form of a Proxmox cluster with one Raspberry Pi providing a third quorum vote. And shared storage on a NAS served over iSCSI.

But I need a separate place to keep backups of VMs, just don't wanna pay a lot for it.

@quad @angristan Yeah, I've seen some of your latest posts, still kinda envious of your setup!

Man, I wish I'd be done with uni sooner, can't wait to start my own homelab.

@chris @angristan

A pi-hole is a great (& useful) first RPi project. Just my dos centavos.

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