My TP Link repeater which I bought a few weeks ago for 120€ uses a 6 years old jQuery version (1.10). I can't even imagine the state of the rest of the software inside this thing

@angristan I'd laugh so much if it was all Node + Browser JS

Security issues aside, old things are often stabler than newer ones.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Nowadays young developers tends to change their codes every two weeks, and apps always change their UI in every single update.
It is just stupid.
@niconiconi @lanodan @angristan

@wzqtparor @angristan @niconiconi Ah yes, the debian kind of stability.

"If it's so old that we know all the bugs/limitations and they became normal behaviours, it's stable."

> Experiment 2a:
scp is a pile of shit, you don't get the same thing with say… netcat or rsync (even over ssh) and they forgot the application protocol overhead.

I'll probably try the others but I'm pretty sure it's on the same kind of stuff.

@lanodan @angristan @wzqtparor

> Ah yes, the debian kind of stability.

Debian is actually pretty good, feature upgrades are "just" delayed for 6-12 months, perfectly fine for a server.

The real problem is "The CentOS kind of stability" - 10-year lifecycle, the running systems are literally from the last decade. It may be fine for enterprises that never needs upgrades, but A LOT of clueless people who decided to use it started building everything from source as things are so old... can't be stable... 🤣

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