@angristan mstdn.io hahahah if you do it we have no one that controls us

vive la liberté

@angristan That's not what I mean. What I mean is that they point at you for choosing to federate with Gab while they literally block 90% of the Fediverse for reasons posted on deleted threads or for outright prejudices.

@one yeah these blocklists have existed for quite some time and last time I spoke up like I did today to say that I consider this bullshit I got the same kind of reactions. I guess that's how the fediverse is

@angristan fwiw I've probably been reported by that instance too

afaict it's a garbage place for garbage people

@angristan Why join the fediverse if all you do is complain and block people? they might as well just create a standard social network.

@JTR21 I guess that's one of the benefits of the fediverse. Not how I see though.

@angristan Another take is that I found out even before I joined the verse' that while it can be chill here, it's not free of your typical dumb edrama. There are the cliques, the attention whores, the angry political mobs, the usual shite. It's more just human nature than anything else to do this type of stuff.

@angristan I'm not sure what your problem is but there is nothing going on at gab that breaks the law. Find a new hobby.

@angristan For what it’s worth, we resolved that report with no action taken. We’re sorry you felt offended by one of our users.

@angristan Shit that one's great. I haven't gottent one that's nearly as good yet.

@angristan Fediverse: decentralizing the censorship twitter/facebook wanted to impose anyway :blobboo:

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