Since I am here let me clarify three things:

- some say i have been personally harassed, which is not the case at all. There is just people talking about me or, nothing personal. I'm just fed up.
- I have said it multiple times but it seems I have to say it again: I do not plan on abandoning my instances
- i'm fine :)

I have to say to it's pretty heartwarming to come back after a few days and the first thing I see on my TL is yet another admin blocking 👌😌👌

Also: I've received a *ton* of support! This is pretty insane

Tbh I didn't know who you were before all the complaining and you seem like a really cool dude so jokes on them

@angristan You deserve it, i am so desperate for an actual twitter alternative i was seriously considering my own instance. Why do these people make it so hard for me to follow both lunduke and styx from the same account. Unfortunately i am not having luck here either. It works better but i am not getting my follows trough.

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