What the fuck is wrong with you? mastodon.social/@dansup/102391

Why are you pressuring me to block a instance from the 14k people here, when you can do that yourself?

Give control to the USERS. It's is not up to the fediverse or app developers or even to the admins to decide what they should or should not see. Do you even realize what you're doing?

And by the way I'm NOT supporting Gab. Sure, I may block them instance-wide if something really bad happens like mass spam or harassement, but until then it is *not* my call. Each user can mute entire instances for themselves and by themselves.

Aso yes, Gab is doing really shitty stuff by taking Mastodon's code and using/breaking it even though they have VC funding... But Mastodon is open-source so this will happen again... Remember Hiveway?

@angristan are they, though? Thats the whole point of open source. Saying people are 'stealing' is doing it wrong.

@angristan ok, but i think your opinion of 'shitty' couldnt be more wrong.

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