Is anyone interested in one of these anime bc I'm going to delete all of it

@angristan send them all to me, i'm currently building up a video archive

@angristan idk, put it on a hard drive and mail it over to me

@angristan but seriously, i could really need that. my current video archive is uuh some weird videos from the 30s, memes and steven universe. some good 'ol anime could fit right in.

@koyu I don't have any hard drive to mail you though :o

@angristan oh damn. then keep it on your computer until you found a solution. i can't keep my computer up syncing entire weeks long. sometimes i need it.

@angristan >deleting danshi no koukousei no nichijou


@angristan How can I get Yuri on Ice? <3 Made a major effort to not scream while reading that title.

@Marolar @angristan Yep just a magnet link, I will download it and share it.

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