#OpenBSD and #Ansible question !

How do you manage packages installation (with the Ansible package module) when there are multiple version of a specific package (let's say, vim) ?

Everytime I deploy new OpenBSD firewalls, I have to enforce the wanted version of many packages in an items list, which is very painful :flan_heck:


@DarkCoinCoin the openbsd_pkg modules does not seem to support this

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@angristan I was using the generic package module, but thanks to the openbsd_pkg I can make some packages (such as mtr or rsync) working just by adding "--" (mtr--).

For postfix, on the other hand, I can't find a valid syntax to chose the default flavour of a specific branch (such as postfix-3.4). Tried "postfix--%3.4", "postfix%3.4--" and some others...

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