@angristan Just today had one of our students consult me, cause he wanted to dual-boot linux on his 2018 macbook pro but failed, asked me for advice. turns out it's impossible, due to apple's proprietory ssd running in these. unbelievable.

@orangesec_0 @angristan yeah, but there's a difference between overpriced hardware/software and plain shit. my old macbook (got to keep it from an old job for free) was a solid piece of hardware, until it decided to fall apart. with an unmatched screen back then.

@chillja @angristan I remember having an ipod and it broke before a cheap plastic one did.

@angristan its a fun article but its not entirely true i guess lol
@angristan Complaining about iOS not running on Android phones was a real swing and a miss. If they had removed that section, it would have been an article consisting entirely of strong points.

@angristan I tried to use desktop Linux in 2000. Apple today is nothing at all like that shitshow.

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