I think my aperture was too big. It would've looked better with everything in focus

Thanks for all the favs and retoots, almost two years later... 😢

@angristan looks like the demo for a raytracing engine

This seems pretty fine that way, it capture the rain atmosphere better I guess.

@angristan It looks very nice. If you had the possibility to stop it down a bit more, I would've done so, but looking at the shadows I think you made the right choice. They don't need either more noise or denoising artifacts.

@angristan Pretty stunning. Which camera did you use? Smartphone?

a really nice shot, the aesthetic reminds me of noealzii's photos.

@angristan Awesome shot. Could be directly included in a cyberpunk movie or game!

@angristan This looks so awesome *-* I wanna be there with headphones and listen to synth wave music ...

@angristan Looks like a scene from Ghost In The Shell. So good :3

@angristan W'holy shit! Is this a photo without filter? :amaze:

This could seriously be digital art, amazing! :flan_photo: 😻

@stux @angristan It's somewhere in Korea, so that look is totally believable.

@angristan Nice! This is giving me Blade Runner Blues feels. 💯

@angristan Looks like a screenshot from Cyberpunk or Dreamfall Chapters.

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