What would you recommend for a quick and easy Python REST API?

@angristan I used because it was easy to learn, although it wasn't specialized for REST.

I guest @cwt knows much more.

@angristan @cwt However, nowadays, I use Starlette to use async and ASGI. However, I don't think async is neccessary.

@angristan I implied that @cwt will reply after he fix uBlog's bugs because now he cannot reply. 🤣 (test if I can reply blindly, I mean just reply without seeing the actual thread.) is fast and good and almost no overhead at all I liked it when I still use Py2.7 (I know can use with Py3 now, but I didn't have a chance to test it yet.)

If I don't think too much about the overhead and I actually don't care about overhead when I devel API for my office which will never have more than 200 concurrent connections, I would go with Django REST framework.

If you really want to go on AsyncIO, I would recommend Quart with Quart-OpenAPI.

@angristan I use Sanic but you may have a look at FastAPI

@angristan Flask for very simple app and Django if you need store data into DB. The last one have models that can be used easily.

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