@angristan Don't agree with global menus, though. Those should burn in a volcano or something.

> Ok/Cancel vs Cancel/Ok

That's debatable…

> No apply

That's outright user-hostile, IMO :shrug_akko:

> dock


Nah, some things at page 1 made sense. Many others – not so much :blobcatcoffee:

@tennoseremel @angristan Menus are "ugly", slow to use and often not needed. Unless it is the right click menu. The ribbon is even worse. Hamburgers are alright. The reason for this is that I prefer screen estate over some seldom used option. Have similar opinion on global menus.

@angristan Part 3 features a video of a user struggling with to configure the German keyboard layout! ⌨️🤬🇩🇪


@angristan Before all the users start laughing, there's also a followup where the same German dude gets lost in System Settings, misses the keyboard layout option buried deep into the Input Devices kcm, and eventually gives up and switches to Yast 😂


@angristan And this was just German, which is nothing complicated compared to Japanese input.

Asian input methods are true hell to configure in Linux due to poor distro defaults, incompatible input stacks and outdated documentation.

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