I've been hired as an Object Storage DevOps Engineer at Scaleway! :scaleway: ✌️

It's pretty funny if you have followed recent events on (and totally related 👀)

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it's been an emotional rollercoaster today, it started at 9 am with an escape game and finished at 6 pm with the results. The entire process was in a single day. I had 4 interviews today.

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Scaleway's offices in Paris are really insane...

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Chez Scaleway on a 50€/mois de remboursé sur l'abonnement freebox :blobcatgiggle:

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@angristan I did,
and yes it's funny indeed :)
good luck on your new job !

@angristan aha j'avoue. Tu vas pouvoir debugger plus en détails tes soucis. 🧐
Et améliorer la plateforme actuelle qui ne scale pas avec ton instance Mastodon ? 😋

@angristan When you say that I am imagining this endlessly recurring morass of maddening non-Euclidean symmetries.

@Luke Not for the next 3 years because I still have school

@angristan congratulations. Funny, mstdn moved away from scaleaway recently

@angristan omg, somehow I missed the news two weeks ago. Congrats! 🎉

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