Bro the QUALITY (vortex race 3 rgb ansi mx silent red)

I finished typing a 1000 words blog post on it. It feels so good it makes me want to write more

@angristan First time buying a non-gaming mechanical keyboard?

They're great, they're so solid you could most definitely bludgeon someone to death with them.
@quad @angristan wait mechanical keyboards arent just for gaming??!!! I've been living my life wrong all this time
@ninchuka @angristan mechanical keyboards are surprisingly useful in gladiator fights
@quad @angristan yeah a plank of metal makes a good weapon in a fight
@angristan God damn it you're making we want to waste money on a bunch of mechanical keyboards again

@angristan reminds me i need to put a sticker on top of my win key >.<

@olivia well I'm on a mac so I'm gonna put the mac keycaps anyway

@angristan i don't think i remember how to type in those keyboard anymore though

@hj yeah I know, I took the RGB option in case I want to change the keycaps, but even with these it looks pretty good in person

@angristan I have a vortex as well. Similar design. Theyre pretty good
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