*HN discovering Macbooks are still the best laptops around despite their flaws*

@angristan Quite happy with Pixelbook for corporate work.

Less happy with personal MBP 2016 lack of escape key (thankfully remedied), or super-expensive repair involving "we're replacing everything including your SSD". It also took a month to swap the 'logic board' (all-soldered-on motherboard). I still went through it, though by the time I was done with all the repairs of the liquid damage, I could have bought a new machine.

A chromebook would not be enough for a personal machine, so I have no idea what I'd go for. Unless they're made much more repairable, Macbooks don't excite me.

I was going to say "a friend is super happy with his System76", but I see the thread is about a System76 machine. I have no personal experience, but he's been using Macs, and he's super vocal about his love for System76. Probably representative comment:
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