@angristan at least it didn't meet the same end as quadfile where people intentionally kept uploading child porn and stuff then sent the links straight to gandi right after in hopes of getting the whole quad.moe domain suspended (Which they did manage to do for almost 24 hours once)
@angristan Fun fact: Watchguard still has it blacklisted for that reason, so I can't visit it at work. I could add an exception myself, but I don't want colleagues seeing quad.moe anyways so why bother. (Watchguard calls it "compromised" but it really wasn't. People just uploaded crap while I slept, then reported it to just about every blacklist before I woke up)

@angristan To be fair, "perimeter detection" approaches, which is what mail carriers have been relying on, are the wrong approach in the first place. "Perimeter security is eggshell security" (to borrow a quote from skyhunter.com/marcs/ewalnut.ht ).

Sadly it's all that most systems are designed for safety-wise these days. :\

@angristan "[...] we will require all users wishing to share content using Firefox Send to sign in with a Firefox Account."
A shame, one of my main use cases was sending files from computers other than mine

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