@angristan I don't like this at all compared to Elixir :haibrow:
@angristan You never handle errors unless you have a reason to. The errors will not cause the application to crash.

Have you ever thought that endless repetition may be the reason why you're "tired of computers"? 😉

@angristan I just woke up, and I thought you wrote: "Why God's Error Handling is Awesome." I was really confused! 😃

@angristan I was much happier when I switched to Rust in 2013 for implementing my Thai word tokenizer. 😅

In my Go source code, there were too many lines of error handling and other things, which were not the main logic of the program.
@angristan And My Rust code still can handle errors in fine details as in Go. 😃

However, I still love goroutine. In Rust, I can use May instead, but May is not the mainstream in Rust community. 🧎🏽

@angristan I feel like all the justifications for error handling in go sound good in theory but don't actually work out in practice

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