My MacBook freezes on a daily basis now

My personal macbook has been incredibly stable for the past two years until I sold it.

This is my work laptop, a 2017 15". Maybe it's getting to old or there are some hardware issues?

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perhaps do a refresh? back up all your data, wipe the machine, reinstall all the software and restore your data.

3 years of age doesn't sound so old even for a laptop... then it depends on your uaage and many factors... i kept my first ibm thinkpad for almost 8 years, and i've been having my current laptop for the past 5 years, gaming almosy every night and building some small c# programs. I'd expect an apple laptop to last at least as long...

@lefarfadet I've owned it for only 6 month, I don't how the previous owner treated it for 2+ years (apparently not well, from how it looked when I got it.)

@angristan I guess it is about heat transfer. Maybe cooling system parts are getting apart?

@angristan Old!?! A PC should at least be reliable for a decade... It is probably memory. Try pick them out to see if it gets stabler. It may be heat if it is dusty.. so a clean might help.

@angristan Mon avis perso : les Macbook post-2016 ont de gros problèmes de fiabililté.

Mon 13" 2014 c'était un monstre de fiabilité, je le maltraitais limite et il bronchait pas. Il m'a fait adorer les Macbook.

Mon 15" 2018 : problèmes de clavier, chauffe, kernel panic première semaine (rien depuis tho), et récemment batterie gonflée... 😔

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