So, mastodon stories when?

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>like, so *smacks lips*
>I was *flicks wrist* on masto?
>and this big jerk of a chud? *ughs*
>he was saying, like, such horrible offensive takes?
>like, omg, he insinuated that capitalism wasn't *smacks lips* evil? *brushes fringe from face*
>and then I was all, "yikes, bro, such cringe, are you racist?"
>and I was *smacks lips and flicks wrist* literally shaking? but I didn't show it?
>and he was, like, blocked bitch! *adjusts thick black-framed glasses and then flicks wrist, accidentally tossing them across the room* well, shoot?
>but, like, so, yeah, man? I totes did it! brb, frenz! resistance, like? *smacks lips, brushes fringe*
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