why can't they even use native notifications

@angristan on teams? caching, try to turn it off and back on

I once had like 7GB used by it at work
@angristan I've read on a forum that for Chrome's engineers unused RAM was wasted RAM. Linux (the kernel) and, I guess, Firefox follow a similar model. If you need the RAM Linux and probably Chrome and Firefox use to accelerate the system, they should free it instantly.
@angristan Oh sorry you were talking about Teams. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@angristan It's because the apps are running background services. Recording all audio, video, and scrapping data from your personal files. Sending the information back to their servers. Tracking every keystroke, monitoring computer activities in real time, and selling this data to 3rd parties.

If you value freedom, privacy, and security. Stop using these applications now and switch to open source software and operating system alternatives with security audits to prove they don't spy on you.

@asuperhero should I drop out of school and quit my job then? Thanks for the tip

@angristan If you absolutely have to run these services. Switch to an open source operating system that values privacy and security. Download virtualization software such as gnome boxes or virtualbox.

Then create virtual machines with the proprietary software / operating systems running within them. Creating a safe barrier that separates your personal files and activities from your school / work activities.

You'll know with certainty when they are running and choose when to shut them off.

@angristan Ohh.. it is about RAM usage. I thought it was about which app spies the most. 😜

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